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Know Thy History: African Roots

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Rise Against’s ”I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” music video.


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Let’s be honest; #EDUCATIONisKEY.

In my opinion, there is only so much more barricading and effort the FMC can put forth to help prevent non-masqueraders (i.e. Stormers) from invading the band and disrupting the presentation. They even went as far as to utilize the Indy Fences this year, designed to prevent any spectator injury when those cars crash and parts go flying; and on Carnival Saturday stormers were still bold enough to breach that, to cut through that, to climb over that. If we intend to keep the carnival on streets as we know it, it’s now time for us to ALL DO OUR PART.
Head over to the new @tomasplayers facebook page and check out the “Educational Campaign: #RESPECTdeMAS #SUPPORTtheCULTURE” photo album, “highlighting the details, creativity, dedication and great ingenuity of Caribbean carnival culture,” aimed at helping to reinforce WHY WEST INDIAN/CARIBBEAN CULTURE SHOULD BE RESPECTED.

Educate yourselves, Educate each other. Take an active level of pride in your own culture. To quote the President of the TMBA on Sun Aug 17th Special Episode of #SocaTherapy w/ Dr Jay the Soca Prince, “recognize the festival that you like, and stop killing the festival that you like; cause when it is gone, it gone.” - Bryce Aguiton, President of the Toronto Mas Bands Association (TMBA)


Educate Yourself.

#SocaTherapy Aug 17, 2014 Special Episode ft FMC, TMBA and TMA -

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Silhouettes Carnival Tabance 2014 Pan Alive:







It took me a while but BRUH

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:((((( but Arthur given the bae eyes to Buster tho. 

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Such a beautiful thing.
Something I truly identify with, enjoy exploring and take immense pride in.
I take pride in my African-Canadian culture.
I take pride in my African ancestry.
I take pride in my West Indian culture.
I take pride in my Grenadian background.

I am a proud Grenadian, not born in the country, but raised by two individuals who were nurtured by the bearings of the fruit trees and cleansed by the salt water washing up the white sandy shores.

So yes, I do identify as a Grenadian, not by birth right, but by soul right, because that is where my soul feels at home, and right on those sandy beaches under the shade of those fruit trees is where my heart constantly aches to be.

A day for Caribbean cultural celebration.
A day where I get to free my mind, raise my hands, close my eyes and dance to the sweet sweet sound of soca music, the music of our culture.
The day I walk around and greet everyone I see holding my flag, young or old, feeling an instant connection through our patriarchy.
A day of unity!

The day I get to dress up in the most beautiful attire I’ll wear all year.
Pretty feathers, colors, jewels and sparkles.
The day I feel most beautiful!

And on this day that I get to freely express my love for my Caribbean roots, I feel the most pride for my birth country, the country in which this amazing event takes place.

How ironic.

Culture <3 

Breanna Chanelle


TMA at the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Media Launch. cc: ramblingsofmee

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